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Old Pier at Night

I was feeling a bit stuck and unmotivated.  I had been committed to my health and wellbeing but after the loss of my mother, I felt a bit stuck.  I had always been active but recently had no motivation to work out and had been making some really bad choices with food.  I was hopeful that RTT may help me to regain my motivation and find my way back.  It was an emotional, uplifting, and freeing experience.  The very first day after I woke with energy and enthusiasm to start my NEW chapter in life.  It was just amazing the transformation of energy. I felt like something had been lifted off my shoulders.  I was focused on my workout and made healthy choices to fuel my body.  I just started my 4th week after RTT, and wake every morning ready to make my body and mind stronger.  I truly am amazed at the transformation and grateful for the opportunity to have experienced this.  RTT has given back my love for fitness and good health.  Thank you JoJo.

Kathy S

Prior to my three-week experience, I was weighed down with worry, anxiety, constant fear of what others expectations of myself were. Burdened by my past traumas which were most definitely carrying into all areas of my life - physically, mentally and spiritually. After my sessions and 3 weeks of listening to my recordings, I felt empowered, without ego. Fear still exists but it no longer prevents me from maneuvering life! And the love I feel for me is something I have never had before. Thank you inner child Shaunna. It truly was the most healing experience.

Shaunna R

My RTT session was an amazing experience. Jojo helped guide me through lots of experiences I had been suppressing for a long time. I felt safe and vulnerable at the same time. It has helped me tremendously.

Mary M

The bottom line- If you are willing to be honest with yourself and Jojo about what you need to address and why, if you are willing to listen to the recording she sends you once a day if in your heart you want to grow, Jojo's RTT will absolutely work for you. When Jojo explained a little RTT she talked about the importance of listening to the recording daily. I told her, ppl won't do it. I am highly motivated and I didn't think I could commit to listening But...then I had the RTT session with her. It opened me up and tapped into memories that I never considered significant- really powerful. The emotion it brought up for me became the reason why, the way I found the time, the motivation I needed to listen 2 times a day to the recording.  I am grateful every day. It was not a quick fix, I am about 30 days out and it is still a process but I am observing my own growth. And Jojo checks in, she's not going to let you fall. The keys for me: the recording is about 11 minutes long, which is doable. I listen every morning when I wake up and evening when I go to sleep. Be patient. Your mental and physical bodies will go through changes. Sleep. Drink water. Allow the process to unfold in its own beautiful time.
I would recommend JoJo!

Dena F

Over the years I had heard people talk about hypnosis but was always skeptical about it being effective. When JoJo told me about RTT and how it worked I was intrigued and decided to give it a shot. I had already been working with JoJo and trusted her beyond doubt. When you meet JoJo you instantly know you are safe and your well-being is all that matters. When we started RTT I was immediately able to relax with her and trust the process. Our session lasted over 2 hours and to say it was life-changing would be an understatement. I never believed it was possible to transform that amount of energy in such a short period of time. I was left with a tremendous amount of insight and hope, feeling lighter and ready to enjoy my life again. I am eternally grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend with JoJo and the healing that’s taken place through my work with her. 

Patrick B

All I can really say is, wow! Working with Jojo has been such a gift to me over these last few months. During our first few sessions, I found such comfort and assurance just talking with her. When we started RTT, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I trusted her and the process. Within the first week, I could feel that the work we had been doing started to deepen within me. There was this slight, positive shift that I couldn’t quite put words to, but felt. By week two, I noticed that the things I had been tirelessly trying to change in my life before starting RTT, began to happen effortlessly. Almost like it was all moving through me, vs. me trying to force myself to be different. Being a therapist myself, I know that the process of change is one that can take months, I am truly blown away by how quick and profound this has been, and I look forward to continuing this work!

Yes, I would recommend JoJo!

Nikkia M

Immediately when I saw that Joleena had started her own business, I knew instantly she was going to be the Therapist to help me work thru A few issues that needed a little more than talking to A friend. Sometimes you just need a professional and objective opinion. Kind and caring with only your best interests in mind Joleena is up to date on the latest cutting-edge treatments. A wealth of information to share and delivered in a thoughtful and respectful manner. I was a little skeptical at first on RTT Therapy but here I am 5 weeks later feeling calmer without anxiety and ready to sign up for another 5 weeks to work on another issue. Thank You Joleena! I had no doubt I made the right decision when I chose you.


Jane S.

I came to Jojo in search for a solution and that is exactly what I received! My past traumas were continuing to crop up in my life no matter how much work I did on myself. I have been in talk therapy for over 15 years, I worked the 12 steps of AA (completing two thorough 4th steps), and I have been working with a trauma specialist for 4 years, with no success to remove the obstacle of my controlling behavior. I was beginning to feel defeated. As if no matter what I did, I will always resort back to trying to control everyone and everything. After my session with Jojo, I instantly felt a release. As if my body was finally given permission to let go of the thing that has been holding me back. I know this isn’t an overnight matter and I still have to be active in my healing, but it has given me such a relief that I now have a solution. I am so grateful to Jojo for giving me the gift of RTT! And I highly recommend it to anyone who has felt like they have tried everything and nothing has worked.

Alicia C.

Working with JoJo and doing RTT has helped me get over past trauma and to finally let go. I've tried numerous other forms of therapy and healthy activities, but it wasn't until I identified the root causes of my unhealthy thought process, that I was able to let go. JoJo helped me do this in my RTT session.

Marc C.

I heard about Ascension Together when JoJo first opened. A few of my friends had spoken very highly of the RTT sessions they had with JoJo. I sent a message and was so intrigued to try it. I finally got an appointment with JoJo. I was super anxious leading up to my session unsure of which one topic I wanted to choose. The experience I had was amazing. I fell deep into hypnosis and the experiences I relived were so vivid. I was conscious, yet my entire body was heavy. JoJo walked me through this process so peacefully. A lot of emotions came up as experiences from my childhood flashed before my eyes. I saw a beam of light throughout the entire process. I have never experienced something of the sort. When I came back to consciousness I felt lighter and more at ease. I strongly suggest one of these sessions if you are having trouble with certain areas of your life. Thank you JoJo for helping and healing!

Keryn C

I had a session with JoJo a couple weeks ago. I know words can't explain my experience.  I know JoJo is already a beautiful soul from inside and outside. I was going through some procrastination and I called JoJo. She offered to give me a session right away. In the session she was able to dig deep within what was causing it. Her session was amazing.  I feel so relieved after our session. It was truly amazing. I was able to start moving towards my goal just the next day. She is such a wonderful soul to work with ..why? Because from deep within she truly wants to see the transformation in you. As I said earlier, words can't explain her talent. She is just an amazing therapist. I will strongly recommend her because she will help you. She works from her heart to help others.



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