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Ceara Pertain

Author of “You’re Worth This: The Abrupt Guide to Becoming Your Own Damn Hero,” is devoted to liberating your soul through Life Coaching. As we are all born with gifts, purpose, and potential, Ceara assists each human in locating and cultivating these gifts by holding sacred space for the pure truth of those she works with.

    Life Coaching

    By using her intuition, her light, and her blazing love, she guides you out of your own darkness and into your own illumination. She will help you identify repeating patterns through story-telling, working with Wild and Divine Feminine energy, and finding the core truths within you to unshackle your personal Sacred Contracts through the use of Archetypes.

    To read her poetry or stories, please visit For drops of joy, please visit her website to sign up for her newsletter at the If you’d like to work with her, please email


    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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