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About JoJo

Through my own recovery journey, coupled with a life-long work of transformation and survivorship, I present a fresh, unique, and inspirational perspective.


In addition to being a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with several years in the clinical field and decades in Experiential Healing work, a client will typically receive a bundle modality unique to my personal practices and intuitional insight, including but not limited to:


Rapid Transformational Therapy; RTT

Hypnotherapy; C.Hyp.

Quantum Energy best practices

Physiology Techniques

NeuroLinguistic Programming 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 


Motivational Interviewing

Silva Ultramind Techniques

Image Streaming 


Over the past decade I’ve had the honor of studying directly under the leadership of Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Marisa Peer, & Vishen Lakhiani; in addition to applying countless other incredible pioneers’ work in the healing arts and consciousness proficient arenas, such as Dr. David Hawkins, Drunvalo Melchizedek, and Rupert Spira. You can read my most recent published book -

"Ascension Diary: Love Letters to God, and You" for a deeper dive.

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