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About Patrick

Patrick’s service schedule is individually tailored to meet each of his client’s unique needs. He is a counselor, coach, consultant, and clinical interventionist and may wear those hats interchangeably throughout the course of treatment. His compassionate approach is warm but direct and is always informed by the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment modalities. Patrick is continuously under direct supervision from other licensed mental health professionals, and he is always pursuing continued education to better serve his clients. To set up a free consultation with Patrick or learn more about his services, fill out the form below.


Patrick’s story is one of grace. He was born in Charlotte in 1982, and grew up in both Myers Park and Quail Hollow while attending Charlotte Country Day School from Kindergarten through 12th grade. When Patrick was in middle school, he started experimenting with alcohol, and by the time he started 9th grade, he had developed a dependence on prescription painkillers. Patrick’s substance use progressed through high school but unfortunately was overlooked by his social activity, athletic achievements, and lack of insight into the process of addiction.


After he graduated from Country Day in 2000, Patrick left Charlotte to attend North Carolina State University. While there, Patrick’s substance use took precedence to academics, and he moved back to Charlotte after failing out of school halfway through his junior year.


Patrick’s ability to hold a job or function as an adult in society was rapidly declining. His substance use was at an all-time high, and his family decided to stage an intervention. Patrick ended up in a 28-day hospital-based program in Monroe, NC, where they introduced him to the recovery process for the first time. He was internally motivated, overly compliant, and believed he was ready to stop using substances forever. Within two weeks of leaving treatment, he was using again. Patrick had underestimated his addiction and was unprepared for the thoughts, feelings, and stressors associated with early recovery. Patrick used substances around the clock for the next two years. In 2011, through a series of unforeseen events, Patrick found himself in a 90-day dual-diagnosis residential treatment program in Delray Beach, FL. He weighed 125 pounds, was addicted to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol, and was in a drug-induced psychosis. After receiving proper treatment, immersing himself in the recovery community, and gratefully accepting his family’s unwavering support, Patrick found sustained recovery.


When Patrick experienced remission, he felt a deep responsibility to share what he had found. He started working in addiction treatment in 2012 and returned to school to study counseling.

After working in several different supportive and clinical roles, Patrick accepted a primary counselor position in a small outpatient program in FL. Over the next four years, Patrick worked as a counselor in every level of care before founding Sana Counseling in 2017.


In Patrick’s free time he enjoys playing basketball, practicing meditation, and studying anything he feels may expand his ability to live a more love-filled life. He lives in Matthews, NC, with his wife Anya and their three young children.

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